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NewsPortal Layout guide

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To change the colors of NewsPortal simply edit the style.css. It should be self explaining.

only topics in thread.php

Normaly, newsportal always displays complete threads in thread.php. An alternative view you can suppress this by setting setting $thread_show["replies"] to false in the thread layout section in config.inc.php.

normal layout

It makes sense to set $thread_show["threadsize"] to true, so that your visitors can see how many articles are in a thread without clicking on it. It would also good, that they see the date of the most recent article in the thread instead of the first, so set $thread_show["lastdate"] to true.

only topics

flat view for articles

If you show only the topics in your thread.php, as described above, you maybe want to activate the flat-view for your articles.

Normaly, your article.php only shows one single article plus (if not deactivated by setting article_showthread to false) links to the other articles in the thread.

This behaviour can be changed by using an alternative code for displaying articles. Set $file_article to "article-flat.php". Now, all articles of a thread are shown on one single page (that can be splittet, what we see later) one after another.

This style is typical for webboards. If you want to show real newsgroups, this will make problems, because users of webboards often add additions to the thread by simply replying to the last article, what will make problems, if their answer don't match to this last article.
But this flat-view make sense, if you have an isolated system, and only want to use a newsserver as backend without using the typical layout and handling of newsgroups.

Now, there are some additionaly settings, you may want to use:
  • $articleflat_articles_per_page defines, how many articles should be displayed on a single page
  • Long articles can be cut to the first $articleflat_chars_per_articles. If a article gets cut, there will be a link where your visitors can view the complete article. If you have set $file_article_full to the original article.php, then they will see the normal view to a single article.