Florian Amrhein

NewsPortal Quickstart Guide

-> newsportal -> doc -> quickstart

After you downloaded the newsportal archive, uncompress it and move the files inside into a directory of your webserver.

There are only a few options in config.inc.php that you have to edit to let newsportal run:
  • $file_language: Your favourite language-package.
  • $server: The adress of your newsserver
  • $port: The port of your newsserver, normaly this is 119

Security related options:
  • Set $readonly=true, if you don't want users to post articles to groups.

To customize the output you can change the following values:
  • $treestyle: 0-7, different thread-layouts. Just try out. Normally 7 should be the right for you
  • $maxarticles: The maximal number of articles that newsportal loads from the newsserver. If the number is too high NewsPortal will slow down.
  • $articles_per_page: Maximum amount of articles showed on one page. 0 if you don't want to split the thread into several pages.

The spool directory has to be created and configured to grant read an write access to the newsserver: chmod 777 spool

Edit the file groups.txt and put the names of your newsgroups into it. They will be listed by index.php. Posting will also be limited to them. You can also add some headlines to groups.txt